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What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse who uses their nursing knowledge and expertise to assist the legal community by quickly identifying and interpreting medical and nursing issues in any medical related case involving health, illness, or injury. A LNC can provide numerous services for an attorney from the onset of the case and throughout the litigation process.

Why you should use a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Nurses are the Healthcare providers spending every day at the patient bedside. We obtain the facts, provide the care, and interpret information that is documented throughout the medical record as a part of a collaboration with physicians. By applying the same principle of teamwork with the process of fact finding and case analysis to legal cases, we provide the attorneys with a clear understanding of all the medical information that is needed for their cases so that nothing goes overlooked.

We save you time and money!!!

By nature of our training, knowledge, and expertise, Legal Nurse Consultants can quickly identify the subtleties present and omitted from the medical records. This allows you more time to focus on the legal aspects of the case. A LNC can educate attorneys and their staff on a wide range of medical issues. This allows the attorney's staff to spend more time on their legal duties instead of looking up medical jargon and information, and saves the attorney from spending money on multiple types of expensive experts.

As soon as a potential case comes in, a legal nurse consultant can screen the case for merit, identify the medical issues, and eliminate the attorney from spending money on nonmeritorious lawsuits.

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